For the concept of addiction, coming to terms with the fact that you are addicted is one thing, and seeking help to get better is another. Being fully aware that you are being plagued with addiction, is something which is more difficult than it seems. Addiction can be said to be a chronic disease which has the capacity to adversely affect the memory, motivation, and reward functions of the brain.

An individual who is addicted will either have cravings for a substance, or some behavioural habits. They would be blind to other aspects of their lives, which needs fulfillment or support.

An addicted individual would have no means of control, and they would be unable to break free from using the particular substance which they are addicted to, or the behaviour which they find it hard to stop.

Also, they would discover that their communication and socialization skills would be on a low ebb, as they would be unable to maintain commitments, and whatever forms of relationship which they are currently in, would be strained.

It is very easy for a healthy person to know the difference between a negative and a positive behaviour, and stay away from it. The case is very different with someone who is addicted. Instead of them to admit that the problem is in play, they would seek other means to ensure that they continue their behaviour.

It is essential for an addicted person to seek help in an addiction process, before they get to a stage where the effects become gravely detrimental.

The first basic step to getting help, is the ability to come to awareness of the presence of the emotional, mental and physical signs. Once you are able to deal with this phase, you would discover that it would get easier to cope with an addiction rehab.

With time, you would get to discover that your communication skills would be enhanced, things would go back to the way they are. Also, you need to ensure that whatever addiction rehab you opt for, they need to have plans for aftercare, so that relapse would be prevented.