When an individual has addiction or mental health problem, one of the most important persons that he needs at that stage of his or her life, is the counselor. Primarily, a counselor is a professional who has a high emotional quotient.

A counselor understands the grief of addicts and those who have mental health issues, and he has a responsibility to helping them to their feet.

The high emotional quotient that a counselor has is why some people would rather opt for counseling, than discuss with their family and friends.

In the past, some people have been victims of prejudice because they opened up to their loved ones about their problem, and the treatment they received was not okay.

Counselors are great individuals; they are skilled in the act of seeing things from your standpoint. They know how you feel and they are always ready to help out. If you are not careful, you might think a counselor is a clairvoyant because of the ease they use to understand your situation.

In handling the addiction and mental health problem of an individual, counselors would always advise them to open up. This is the best way to relay the disturbing emotions and thoughts that are plaguing them.

It is conventional for counselors to conduct a thorough evaluation on people admitted into their care, and the reason for this is not far-fetched.

Counselors need the assessment to proffer a treatment plan and schedule for those who are addicted and have mental health problem. This treatment plan and schedule would be used in therapy.

The counseling platform is a blessing to many addicted individuals, some of whom might have mental health problems. It is a proficient asset to have someone who is ready to listen to you and carry your burden on your shoulders.

Hence, it is mandatory for individuals who have mental health problems and are addicted, to open up fully when they are being assessed.